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June 2016

Keren Khawaja – SaveSyria Volunteer Nurse

She is a Registered Nurse from Pennsylvania. She has been working at Lehigh Valley Health Network as a Registered Nurse for 3 years. Khawaja specializes in Pediatrics and said, “I absolutely love making a difference in the lives of these little angels.” She has always felt the need to do more for those in need and aims to provide healthcare services through IMANA Medical Relief in Jordan. Khawaja said, “The true purpose of my career is to serve Allah SWT by helping His Creation through Him.” […]

Dr. Quratulain Syed, SaveSyria volunteer

Quratulain Syed, M.D., also known as “Annie,” is no stranger [...]

Dr. Charles Nelson Held – SaveHaiti Volunteer Physician

“You can make a difference, one person, one situation at a time,” is what Dr. Charles Nelson Held, MD Internal Medicine Pulmonary in North Nevada adheres by. He has been an integral member of the IMANA Medical Relief team for the past 6 years on all Haiti missions since the 2010 earthquake. […]