IMANA – Islamic Medical Association of North America

“If anyone saves a life, it shall be as though he had saved the lives of all mankind.”  
Qur’an: 5:32

IMANA Services

We serve as a resource for healthcare practitioners and medical students guided by ethics and values from an Islamic perspective. IMANA is committed to raising health awareness among underserved communities and providing them with medical aid to lead a healthy lifestyle. We offer a platform for Muslim physicians and all healthcare professionals to share knowledge and connect with physicians from various medical specialities to contribute research work on Islamic medical ethics.

An avenue for healthcare providers to exchange their views on medical research, ethics and connect with physicians in different specialities as well as foster a mentorship with medical students.
Bringing together medical students and residents to share knowledge and offer guidance in choosing a career and speciality as they begin their journey in healthcare.
News and information from IMANA on medical professions, health care in America and the impact of our work and activities. Click here to read and browse categories of your interest.
The IMANA Ethics Committee provides resources on ethical decisions for healthcare providers and patients from an Islamic perspective.
Offers a community service hotline to provide information about medical matters in a compassionate way. Click here to learn more.