Student Leadership Committee

IMANA aims to nurture all members of the Muslim Community pursuing to better the future health care network. The IMANA Student and Resident Committee oversees the Student Leadership Committee (SLC) which functions on the medical student level. The different (minimum 2-year term) roles available are as follows: 

Student Chair

  • Ensures the IMANA Student Board promotes the art and science of Islamic medical ethical values, the betterment of public health and organizes fundraising & volunteering events.
  • Directs IMANA programs, activities, and outreach efforts on a national level with medical schools and students.
  • Engages and provides the student perspective on topics which impact students.

Resident Chair

  • Improves resident-physician education and training for the purpose of improving healthcare delivery.
  • This position appoints two residents to serve and no two residents appointed by IMANA may come from the same residency training program.
  • This position requires residents to be actively enrolled in a residency or fellowship program at the time of appointment.

Membership Chair

  • Implements creative strategies in order to encourage medical students to join IMANA. These members will serve as advocates and spokespersons for IMANA.

Events Chair

  • Organizes student networking events and dinners to foster and maintain physician-student relationship with IMANA members nationwide. This will facilitate guidance and mentorship in the healthcare industry.

Resource Chair

  • Develops a comprehensive guide of resources regarding medical education exams, guidelines
  • Updates information as necessary State-wise.
  • Organizes student groups which will develop and update IMANA literature resources.

Community/Health Fair Organizer

  • Communicates with Student and Residents Chairs to organize health fairs that will provide healthcare services to a community e.g., blood donation drives and more.

Fundraising Chair

  • Organizes consistent bi-annual/quarterly IMANA fundraising events for various medical relief missions in their cities and medical schools.
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