Read! In the Name of your Lord, Who has created (all that exists),

Has created man from a clot (a piece of thick coagulated blood).

Read! And your Lord is the Most Generous,

Who has taught (the writing) by the pen [the first person to write was Prophet Idrees (Enoch)],

Has taught man that which he knew not

– Surah al-Alaq (96:1-5) –

Connection of Faith 

& Value of Education :

In service of others

Scholarship Program Details

IMANA currently offers scholarships in the following fields:

We are currently accepting applications! To be considered for a Scholarship, please create an account here.

Deadline: March 15th, 2022

If you have any questions, please feel free to email [email protected]


Who is eligible?

Applications are only open to students in the United States attending a US accredited institution

What is considered Health Care / Allied Health?

All the following professions fall into Health care / Allied Health:

    • Anesthesiologist assistant
    • Anesthesia technologist/technician
    • Anesthesia technology
    • Athletic trainer
    • Audiologists
    • Cardiovascular technologists and technicians
    • Cardiovascular technology
    • Behavioral disorder counselors
    • Clinical laboratory workers   
    • Medical technologist 
    • Medical laboratory technologist
    • Medical laboratory scientist   
    • Medical and clinical laboratory technicians
    • Cytotechnology
    • Dental hygienists
    • Dental assistants  
    • Dental laboratory technicians 
    • Diagnostic medical sonography  
    • Diagnostic medical sonographers
    • Dietitians  
    • Dietetic technicians  
    • Dietetic assistants  
    • Registered dietitian 
    • Nutritionists 
    • Electroneurodiagnostic technologist 
    • Electroneurodiagnostic technology
    • Emergency Medical Technician EMT 
    • Paramedic   
    • Exercise science
    • Personal fitness trainer 
    • Exercise physiologist
    • Exercise science
    • Exercise physiology 
    • Exercise science 
    • Personal fitness training
    • Genetic assistants
    • Health Administration
    • Health information technologists  
    • Health information administrators ; 
    • Health information management
    • Health educators
    • Histotechnologist
    • Home health aides
    • Kinesiotherapist   
    • Kinesiotherapy
    • Lactation Consultant
    • Marriage and family therapists
    • Magnetic resonance technologist
    • Medical assistant  
    • Medical assisting
    • Medical dosimetrist
    • Medical illustrator
    • Medical illustration
    • Medical librarian
    • Mental health counselors
    • Music therapist
    • Medical transcriptionists
    • Nerve conduction studies technologist
    • Nuclear medicine technologist 
    • Occupational therapists  
    • Occupational therapy assistants    
    • Occupational therapist aides
    • Ophthalmic medical assistants  
    • Optometric assistants and technicians   
    • Paraoptometrician
    • Orthotics and Prosthetics  
    • Orthoptist   
    • Orthotic and prosthetic technician
    • Other social and mental health service workers
    • Perfusionist 
    • Pharmacy assistants  
    • Pharmacy Aides 
    • Pharmacy technicians
    • Physical therapists   
    • Physical therapy assistants    
    • Physical therapist aides
    • Physician assistants
    • Podiatric assistants
    • Poetry therapist
    • Polysomnographic technologist 
    • Polysomnographic technology
    • Psychiatric aids 
    • Psychiatric technicians
    • Radiation Therapists
    • Radiologic service workers  
    • Radiologist assistant 
    • Radiologic technologist 
    • Radiologic technician   
    • Radiology administrator
    • Recreational Therapist  
    • Recreational therapy
    • Rehabilitation counselors 
    • Other rehabilitation service workers
    • Respiratory therapy workers   
    • Respiratory therapist  
    • Specialist in blood bank technology/transfusion medicine
    • Speech pathologist 
    • Speech –language therapists
    • Substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors
    • Surgical technologist    
    • Operating room technicians  
    • Surgical assistant   
    • Surgical assisting
    • Surgical technology
    • Surgical Neurophysiologist
    • Vocational rehabilitation counselors
How many Scholarships are available?
From IMANA’s Endowment Fund:
There are 4 IMANA scholarships with an award of $5,000 each. One scholarship will be given in each of the following fields:

  • Medical School
  • Dentistry School
  • Pharmacy School
  • Health care / Allied Health

Donor Supported Scholarships:
The Zahir Family Scholarship provides for
two awards of $2500 each, for students pursuing medicine or allied health.

The Fehmida & Zafarullah Farooqi Scholarship provides for one award of $2500 for a student pursuing nursing, and an interest in art therapy.

The IMANA Staff Second Chance Scholarship provides for one award of $3,000 for a student in the original medical school applicant review.

How are awards distributed?

Checks are sent directly to the student’s school. 

As a DACA status individual I do not have a FAFSA. What should I do?

IMANA uses the Student Activities Report (SAR) from the FAFSA to determine financial need. Students with DACA status may simply upload a document that states they have not filed a FAFSA. It is understood that these students do not receive financial aid in most states.

Preferred Method of Contact

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101 W. 22nd Street Suite 104, Lombard IL, 60148






[email protected]



IMANA is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations to IMANA and IMANA Medical Relief are tax exempt. Tax ID: #36-4166125
IMANA’s dedicated CFC Code: 36981.