Yemen has been suffering from an unending conflict for several years now which has caused severe humanitarian and health crisis in the country. There is an acute shortage of medical personnel, medicines, and supplies in its hospitals and clinics. There is an urgent and dire need to supplement the local healthcare capacity, with personnel and medicines, to provide basic healthcare to the Yemeni population.

IMANA Medical Relief is committed to assisting those in need.

We have launched a medical mission to Yemen, the first team traveled there in November for a week-long mission and treated 890 patients.

SaveYemen Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, you will need to obtain a visa before travel. We will explain the procedure and IMANA will assist you with getting the visa.
Volunteers only pay for their air tickets to and from Yemen. IMR arranges everything else – food, transportation, and accommodation.
Team members will be received and dropped at Aden airport by a representative of our local partners in Yemen. They will be transferred to a 3-star hotel on arrival. The movement to and from the clinic will also be arranged. All meals will be taken care of – breakfast & dinner at the hotel and a working lunch on-site.
IMANA keeps the safety and security of its volunteers uppermost when considering, planning and executing missions. We have had extensive discussions and exchanges with our local partners. The city of Aden and areas eastward are under the control of the UN-recognized government and humanitarian and medical NGOs are working there already, in a safe environment. The hotel has 24/7 security too.
There are different travel options – like flights via Djibouti (twice a week only) OR alternately via Cairo or Amman. IMANA will brief you in detail about the travel arrangements once the team is finalized.
The clinic is located about 45 minutes’ drive from the city of Aden; it’s close to the main refugee camps in the area.
The most common complaints you will come across are hypertension, diabetes, cardiac issues, diarrhea and digestive issues, pregnancy, malnutrition, URTI/LRTI, fevers (malaria/typhoid/dengue), UTI, etc. Since it’s a conflict zone, there will be trauma and injury cases too.
The expected number of patients is between 200 and 250 daily.
Apart from stethoscopes, sphygmomanometer, weighing machines, gloves, masks etc, the clinic has EKG and ultrasonography facility. X-ray and laboratory facilities are available in the vicinity.
Yes, there is a private hospital close-by.
IMR has drawn up a formulary of the medicines most likely needed, these will be purchased and made available at the clinic. There will be a pharmacist to dispense these as per the prescriptions.
Most of the clinic staff can understand and speak English. Translators will also be available.

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