IMANA Leadership

Dr. Imran Qureshi
Dr. Imran QureshiPresident, M.D. Radiologist
Hometown: Naperville, IL
Specialty: Board Certified in Radiology (Fellowship in Interventional Radiology)
IMANA Medical Relief Missions: Gaza War ‘09 and Haiti Earthquake ‘10.
“IMANA has played an important part in my life by providing me the vehicle to help give back to the less fortunate through IMANA medical Relief. It’s afforded and inspired me to take an active part in charitable relief work throughout the world. I look forward to being an active IMANA citizen to help others achieve the same objectives.”

Dr. Nabile Safdar
Dr. Nabile SafdarVice-President, M.D. Radiologist
Hometown: Alpharetta, GA (previously Maryland and New Jersey)
Specialty: Radiology (Musculoskeletal and Imaging Informatics)
IMANA Medical Relief Mission: Haiti Earthquake Relief 2010. (First disaster response team to Haiti from IMANA.)
“Our core identity as Muslim physicians is shaped by our struggle to contribute compassionate, ethical healthcare for our fellow Americans and to the citizens of the world. There is no organization that creates opportunities for us to better serve others and ourselves quite like IMANA. It is our privilege to support its work and be a part of its story.”

Dr. Asif Malik
Dr. Asif MalikImmediate Past President, M.D. Anesthesiologist
Hometown: Troy, MI
Specialty: Board Certified in Anesthesiology (Fellowship in Pediatric Anesthesia)
IMANA Medical Relief Missions: SaveSmile surgical mission in Sudan 2011, ‘12, ‘13, ’14, ‘15 & ‘16.
“IMANA represents American & Canadian Muslim physicians, allied health professionals serving to make a difference both domestically and abroad.”

Dr. Marium Husain
Dr. Marium HusainTreasurer
Hometown: Dayton, Ohio
Specialty: Internal Medicine
IMANA Medical Relief Missions:
Haiti June ’13, Dec ’13, Aug ’14

“I chose to join IMANA because of IMANA medical relief. I wanted to help people abroad, and felt confident and safe working with a Muslim medical organization. As I started working more with IMANA, I realized how much of an impact I could make, at home and abroad. Whether it’s through working with students and residents on their journey through the medical field or developing a water object in Haiti or bringing more attention to women’s health issues and mental health issues, I knew I was making an impact as an IMANA member. I’m proud and humbled to be a part of IMANA.”

Dr. Saquib Lakhani
Dr. Saquib LakhaniSecretary
Hometown: Guilford, CT
Specialty: Pediatric Critical Care; Genomics
IMANA Medical Relief Missions:
Haiti Earthquake Relief ’10
SaveSmile Surgical Mission, Sudan ’13, ’14, ’15, ’17
Mission Coordinator for SaveSyria missions to Jordan ’16, ’17

“IMANA has afforded me the blessing of being able to use my skills to serve the less fortunate around the world, and to benefit from the company of wonderful people. For this I am truly grateful.”


Mr. Akrama Hashmi
Mr. Akrama HashmiManaging Director
Akrama is in charge of IMANA’s headquarter operations, logistics, and maintenance. He is responsible for a smooth functioning of IT and office equipment. He helps in membership communication, marketing and event management of various IMANA meetings and helps in various IMANA projects as needed.

“I don’t think of IMANA as a job I see it as me giving charity. IMANA gives me the opportunity to help other people around the world.”

Mrs. Brenda Aranda
Mrs. Brenda Aranda Communications Manager
Brenda works toward making IMANA and its work around the world known in ways that grow constituency. She creates and delivers quality communication pieces that appeal to targeted audiences in order to strengthen brand awareness and increase engagement across all communications channels, including social media, website, and the press.

“IMANA’s impressive medical relief program and positive impact throughout the world drew me to join the organization. I feel I am helping to make a difference in the lives of those caught in humanity’s most catastrophic circumstances.”

Mr. Zahid Mahmood
Mr. Zahid MahmoodIMANA Medical Relief Coordinator
Zahid works closely with IMR Committee and IMANA Executive Director. He interacts with IMR partners regarding IMR projects globally. He assures the compliance with Memorandum of Understanding between IMANA and its various partners. He coordinates IMR Medical Missions and reporting from IMR partners. He helps IMANA in other projects as needed.

“Working with the dedicated and committed professionals of IMANA lets me apply my operations and coordination experience towards a worthy cause. To assist in its medical relief projects & missions is extremely fulfilling and inspiring.”

Mr. Xhengis Aliu
Mr. Xhengis AliuSocial Media Manager
Post, coordinate, and manage content, events, promotions, on social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube.

“I’ve been following IMANA’s many activities in various areas, including medical relief, medical research and contribution to the medical field, and all are very inspiring. I’ve had the opportunity to work with IMANA on many projects since 2008 and the experience and collaboration has been humbling and rewarding. IMANA’s 50 years of service is an example for other organizations and all those who work with it.”

Dr. AbdulHakim Mohamed
Dr. AbdulHakim MohamedDirector of Development for IMR
Sheikh AbdulHakim Mohamed is is the Director of Development for IMANA Medical Relief and been on recent medical missions to Syria, Haiti and Sudan. Dr. Mohammed holds Ph.D. in Islamic Philosophy from Notre Dame and earned his M.A. in Islamic Philosophy from Norte Dame. He eaned his Bachelors in Islamic Studies from Sana’a University in Yemen and a Bachelors from Medina University in Islamic Jurisprudence (Shari’a). He is the Imam of the Al-Hedaya Mosque & Academy in Fort Worth, TX and holds lectures there regularly. He has served as an Imam and Khateeb for more than 27 years. He is a former president of the North American Imams Federation.

Sheikh is a member of Assembly of Muslim Jurists in America (AMJA) and Islamic Council of Yemen. Moreover, he is the former Executive Director of the Texas Islamic Council (T.I.C.) Program at The Freedom & Justice Foundation. He has been a lecturer on many satellite TVs and repeatedly featured on Al-Huda TV in various lecture series and Hajj program.