IMANA Students and Residents

IMANA Students and Residents is dedicated in representing medical students to provide a forum for students to communicate with each other and IMANA physicians to shape the future of medicine. Visit IMANA Forums to connect with physicians and ask questions.

Local Level

At a local level, IMANA Student members are actively involved in their city’s IMANA chapter and offer resources for students interested in medical education and practice, participate in local community clinics, volunteer in international relief missions with IMANA Medical Relief and opportunities to enhance their medical school experience.

International Level

At an international level, IMANA offers Clinical Observership Program for international medical students to train, observe and understand the practices of different specialties in the American healthcare system. For more information, see the observership guidelines.

Become A Member

Ways to Get Involved

Student and Residents members are offered free IMANA membership, click here to learn about member benefits.

International medical students will explore American healthcare delivery in hospitals and private clinics, click here to learn about the IMANA Observership program.

A platform for healthcare providers to exchange their views on medical research, ethics and connect with physicians in different specialities as well as foster a mentorship with medical students. Visit this link to start a discussion.

Connect with thousands of IMANA members across North America for guidance in the  healthcare industry and residency programs.

Learn more about the SLC here.