IMANA Specialties is a resourceful platform for Muslim healthcare practitioners to connect with professionals in field for growth opportunities  and provides a forum to contribute to the welfare of society through ones unique expertise.

IMANA Specialties Benefits

  • Medical Specialty groups hold their meetings or workshops nationwide as well as at IMANA’s annual convention and scientific assembly.

  • Exchange ideas and knowledge through dedicated email lists on issues that may be unique to the needs of patients.

  • A forum to share ideas and information that benefit individuals or group practices from your career and business perspectives.

  • Share your medical expertise with physicians through online resources, like on-demand webinars, for clinics and hospitals in the countries within IMANA network.

  • IMANA Specialties may offer consult and/or second opinions through clinics and hospitals in the countries within the IMANA network.

  • Teach and mentor international medical students from various universities from around the world.

  • Contribute consults, and possible procedures and post-procedures to a deserving patient.

IMANA HQ will coordinate with a free clinic or a healthcare provider in your area.

All IMANA members automatically become the members of IMANA Specialties and shall adhere to the IMANA values described in IMANA Mission and Vision. IMANA Specialties select or appoint a Chair, Co-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and member at large to conduct business activities independently.

IMANA Headquarters supports IMANA Specialties with their business and banking activities. IMANA Specialties may use IMANA 501(c)(3) tax-deductible facility as long as it adheres to IMANA policies and related IRS guidelines and IMANA HQ will help in determining these requirements. As part of Federation of Islamic Medical Associations (FIMA) IMANA’s network extends to over 30 countries with Muslim majority.

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