Umrah 2016

“IMANA Umrah 2016” was a successful trip! Each individual benefited from this spiritual journey because their main intention was to strengthen their faith in God. On December 30th, 2016, each individual got the opportunity to visit Medina and Makkah. At first, everyone landed in Medina, which was a very spiritual feeling because each individual shared one goal; and that was to serve their creator. Additionally, everyone witnessed the alluring structure of the Prophet Muhamad’s (Peace Be Upon Him) mosque! Furthermore, each individual got the opportunity to witness the site where Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) delivered his final sermon. Everyone took many pictures, so that they can share their blessed moments with their friends and family members. When each individual performed Umrah, it was a very sacred moment for them because the fact that they wanted to become a better person. This spiritual journey was an eye opening experience to each individual because it helped them become better people, and helped them become closer to God. After this spiritual journey, 16 people went to Jerusalem and had a fantastic time! Everyone came back on January 1st. In overall, this was a great and auspicious opportunity for all of the people who attended!