IMANA Umrah 2015

IMANA members headed for a religious journey on our annual year-end Umrah trip, organized by Dar El Salam Travels from Dec. 26, 2015 to Jan. 3, 2016. Performing the Umrah were 75 IMANA members and their families who spent three nights in Madinah, three nights in Makkah and one night in Jeddah.

Surrounded by the grandeur of Madinah, our members visited ‘The Beautiful Names of Allah’ exhibition.The expressive combination of Arabic and English calligraphy with pictures of nature made it a uniquely beautiful exhibit. They also visited many historical places in Madinah; like Masjid Quba, the first mosque, and Mount Uhud, the highly revered mountain which has great significance in the history of Islam.

After performing the act of Umrah in Makkah and on their last night in the Holy city, Dar El Salam Travels organized a tent dinner buffet for the members with delicious local cuisine on the menu. And, our members received a glass plaque with the seal of the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) as a memento marking the exceptional Umrah journey with us.

We also conducted our CME (Continuing Medical Education) conference hosted at the International Medical Center of Jeddah with presentations on the theme of, “meeting challenges of compassionate care in diverse populations”. Alongside American-Muslim physicians who presented, we had speakers from local institutions in Saudi Arabia who gave insight into the health care system and delivery in the country.

Our Board of Regents member, Dr. Ayaz Samadani, family practice in Wisconsin presented at the CME conference about the importance of treating a patient with feelings and said, “If there is no compassion in the treatment, the treatment tends to fail for the patient.”

Dr. Samadani’s presentation placed significant weight on being able to communicate well as a practitioner. He said, “it all depends on how much a patient is able to absorb and implement the instructions and treatment to improve their health from a doctor.”

As a family practitioner for 42 years, he meets people from various ethnic and religious backgrounds and to improve the communication gap, he says, “I organize for an interpreter and utilize community and social services from non-medical providers to improve patient outcome and care.”

With 35 CME attendees at the conference, it encouraged dialogue amongst the speakers and the members in attendance to meet the challenges of treating diverse population.

Dr. Nilofer Nisar, Adult Neurology in Wayne, Michigan and an attendee at the CME conference was “impressed with the thought process of different physicians from various medical specialties in the presentation.”

Completing her 19 years in Neurology Private Practice, and residing in Wayne where over 40% of residents are ethnically diverse she faces a constant challenge in being able to communicate, “I speak with the patient’s family and provide written instructions using Google Translate and communicate with the pharmacists to ensure necessary care is provided.”

Few of the IMANA members after the Umrah journey visited Jerusalem, home to various sacred places in Islam from Jan. 3 – 6, 2016 with Dar El Salam Travels. With an enlightening exposure to Islamic history, our members went on guided tours to Al-Aqsa mosque, Dome of the Rock and Prophet Ibrahim’s (R.A.) mosque is amongst the highlights of this trip. IMANA members describe the Umrah trip as being “spiritually engaging and informative with the historical tours.”

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