Nearly 30,000 people gathered at the Baltimore Convention Center for the 41st Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) Convention from May 28 – 30, 2016. At the largest gathering of American-Muslims, IMANA conducted two CME (Continuing Medical Education) sessions on the theme of ‘Medical Ethics and Its Islamic  Perspective’ and ‘Combating common Mental illnesses’  and one Women’s healthcare session on ‘Womens health rights and Mental Health: Intervention and Prevention’.

Insightful and carefully researched presentations at IMANA’s healthcare sessions shared the Islamic perspective on health concerns and it was very well-attended by the ICNA audience. The CME session by  Dr. Yassine Daood helped people analyze and develop a deeper understanding of medical ethics in the face of new technology in medicine from organ donation to end-of-life care.

The Women’s healthcare session was led by Dr. Amber Khan and Dr. Shamaila Khan, enlightening people on the need for Muslim communities to open discussions with children about reproductive and sexual health to develop a comprehensive understanding. Dr. Shamaila Khan discussed about Mental Health and shared how stigma is the highest contributing factor in both genders for not accessing treatment. Dr. Khan further added, sharing is the key to breaking down negative attitudes and misperceptions surrounding mental illnesses.

The healthcare sessions at ICNA provided an excellent platform for audience members to engage one-on-one with IMANA speakers and create an open discussion of their concerns. Wrapping up the ICNA convention on a positive note, IMANA aims to organize more healthcare sessions to raise awareness about health concerns from an Islamic point of view and breaking the stigma surrounding mental health in communities.

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