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Taking the Stigma Out of Pelvic Pain

Dr. Tayyaba Ahmed
Dr. Tayyaba will discuss the basics of pelvic medicine, from what pelvic floor is to common pelvic diseases and their treatments; including: Vaginismus, Endometriosis, Chronic Pain Cycle, and Infertility.
Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine

Facebook: @pelvicpainspecialistcommunity

Travel Medicine

Dr. Lubna Varcie Zahir
Saturday July 6th, 2019

Ending Hunger Using the Hunger Vital Sign Tool

Wedesday May 1st, 2019
ISNA is working on  an “Ending Hunger” campaign as we enter the month of Ramadan. Our goal is to decrese food insecurity in our local communities using the Hunger Viral sign tool. If a patient is found to be food insecure, they can be connected to a local food bank or SNAP.

Physician to Physician Education - Hypertension in the Clinical Setting

Dr. Marriyam Moten

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