A community service initiative by IMANA. The IMANA Hospice and Palliative Care Hotline provides information about the medical matters in a compassionate way to loved ones in the most difficult situation of the hospice or palliative care situations.

This telephone hotline is not for emergencies. Please call 911 immediately for any life-threatening situations such as heart attack, acute asthma attack or accidents, etc.

This hotline is limited to hospice and palliative care related questions and issues. A good example would be discontinuation of life support system or questions regarding terminally ill patient care from Islam’s perspective.

We offer information about Hospice and Palliative care options through this site and by telephone at no charge. Click here to sign the disclaimer.
Click here to contact our volunteer physicians with your questions through the telephone hotline or online (collectively identified in the rest of this disclaimer as “IMANA”).
Download the Hospice and Palliative Care PDF to learn more about our community service hotline initiative.