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Travel Health

Coming June 2019: Webinar on Travel Medicine

IMANA Medical Relief Trips
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Travel Medicine Clinics’ Directory:

Hajj & Umrah Travel Medicine
CDC Traveler’s Health for Hajj & Umrah:


Mental Health

IMANA Education and ISNA Task Force
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Islamic Mental Health Organizations
Family Youth Institute
Khalil Center
American Muslim Health Professionals

Other Useful Links
UCLA Guided Mindfulness – Meditation and Stress Reduction

Health and Islam

Reproductive and Sexual Health Education Curriculum
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Common Questions on Health and Worship

  1. Menstruation
  1. Mental Illness and Islam: insert mental health brochures
  2. Contraception and Abortion: Islam and the Abortion Debate by Omar Suleiman:,
  1. End of Life Care: Pulling the Plug – The Islamic Perspectives on End-of-Life-Care by Sarah Sultan: